Friday, 18 January 2013

Non-slip walking.

          Several years ago when it really had been snowing heavily the path on my street had turned into an uneven sheet of compacted snow and ice. The street also has a noticeable slope to it.
          As I walked down the street with my girlfriend she commented:

                 "We look like a pair of old people!"

...and indeed we did, carefully shuffling along holding hands.

         "This is us in thirty years." I warned her.
         "OK!" she said with a radiantly happy smile.

For the many of you that do not know this:

  • On ice or snow walk with your toes turned slightly inward.
  • Slow down a bit and you are less likely to slip.

'snow joke

"I come from the land of the ice and snow
Where the slightest touch of frost
Means the trains don't go"

For everyone in England, an ancient nation where it still comes as a complete surprise if there is a half inch of snow in winter and the entire transport system grinds to a halt.